Yohan Mody a.k.a. – Psyberjunkie has had a relationship with art in all its glory since he was a little boy, and it was only natural for him to further his passion into a way of life. He has been formally trained in digital art and has worked as a technical assistant and digital artist for production projects. With time, he discovered his calling in the field of psychedelic visionary art as pure translation of emotion, memory and imagination. His Indian roots have inspired him to pick and develop on many spiritual elements of Indian origin. Eager to advance visionary art in India, he operates as a freelance artist under the name of ‘Psyberjunkie’ since 2015, which is a new age initiative to exhibit modern expressions of perspectives. Enthused to always advance in this field, he toys with other mediums of art too. He employs a variety of interesting digital techniques to create astounding pieces of work. A man of few words, he best expresses himself through his mystical imagination and idealistic perceptions in the form of visionary fine art to his audience.


As a professional Digital/Visual Artist, I am always up for incorporating new concepts in my art. If your business or project needs a creative expertise or any design requirements (art commissions, album artworks, tattoo designs), get in touch via the below form.

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